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The Bidirectional Driving Large-Platform Knapsack AGV can be used for holding stuff or devices on the back, or installing the material frames or rollers, it stops by station, and it can finish the carriage between A-B or A-C stations, so this AGV is widely being used for material transportation in the workshop of the factory.

Photo of Bidirectional Driving Large-Platform Knapsack AGV case

Video of OK Bidirectional Driving Large-Platform Knapsack AGV case
AGV Solution Route Map 1

AGV Solution Route Map 2

Specification of Unidirectional Driving Knapsack AGV

Type of AGV Bidirectional Driving Knapsack Type
Size L2500*W1200*H350(mm) 
Control Mode PLC/AGV Moving Control Chip (Optional)
Guidance Mode Magnetic Tape Guidance /Electro-Optical Guidance /Laser Guidance (Optional)
Direction of Moving Back and forth, Left & Right Turning, Diffluence
Communication Wireless LAN (Optional)
Driving Mode Differential Speed Driving
Power Supply of Driving DC24V、DC48V
Lifting of Driving Manual/Electrical Lifting
Load 100、300、500、1000KG(Customizable)
Speed of Moving min (or customizable)
Turning Radius Minimum to 500mm (Radius of Tape Installation)
Guidance Accuracy ±10mm
Working Time 24Hours
Climbing Ability 3-5°
Parking Accuracy ±10mm
Charging Mode Manual Charging (Automatic Charging Optional)
Battery Maintenance-Free Rechargeable Battery
Ongoing Discharging Times: >300 Times
Safety Proximity Range ≤3m, Adjustable, Less Than 20mm Emergency Breaking Distance
Human-Computer Interaction With Touch-Screen Human-Computer Interaction, user can easily set parameter, station and warning.
Environment for use Indoor Temperature: 0-40℃,Relative Humidity: 40%-80%
Protection Front Roadblock Detecting Sensor + Mechanical Anticollision Dual-Protection
Service Life >10Years

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